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Care & Use

Prouna is of the finest quality. To ensure product longevity, please follow our recommended care guide.

Care Instructions: Fine Bone China

  • Our products are dishwasher safe with mild (non-citrus/salt detergent) gel or liquid detergent.
  • For the items with gold and platinum decoration, please use low-temperature or cold cycle, and avoid dry cycle.
  • Products WITHOUT Gold & Platinum are Microwave safe, but Not Oven safe, otherwise noted on product detail.
  • All products WITH 24K Gold & Platinum details are NotMicrowave and Oven Safe
  • Abrasive materials must not be used when cleaning
  • Do not expose to direct heat from a naked flame or to rapid changes of temperature
  • Although many of our products are dishwasher safe, hand wash our products will help maintain longevity of it's design and beauty, especially those items with Gold and Platinum accents
  • Use napkins to separate items when storing to prevent scratching

Swarovski Crystals

Prouna's Jewelry Collections are detailed with hand-applied Swarovski Crystals. All items with this detail have been tested for durability and resilience and are made for use.

Although the crystals last up to 800 wash cycles, if the item includes Gold or Platinum details, it is not microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe.

We always recommend hand-washing the products with a mild non-citrus detergent with a non-scouring sponge, without the use of any scouring detergent or salts.