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About Us

PROUNA is a global project created by selecting the world’s most renowned artists and designers and bringing their vision together in a range of new luxury tableware.

There have been numerous attempts to fuse exquisite
artistic essence with ceramic functionality, but no one has
yet come close to achieving this long sought after goal.

Now PROUNA has made this dream a reality as it has
pioneered the art and technology of embedding elements
of Swarovski Crystal onto fine bone china. In a unique collaboration bringing together the finest artists, designers, ceramic engineers and raw material with the most advanced ceramic techniques, a concept has
been born that all at once reflects sensitivity of shape, enhancement of design and the excellence of superior quality ceramic.

PROUNA is a whole new concept in luxury tableware brand
and has been created by unifying the very essence of
art and functionality.

*PROUNA is exclusively distributed by Twig NY in US and Canada.

Prouna Emperor Flower collection